New Investment in “Digital Israel” Initiative

This morning, the Ministry of Social Equality announced a 1.3 billion NIS investment in “Digital Israel”, a program aimed at:

  1. Reducing wealth disparities by decreasing living costs and promoting healthcare and welfare in more rural areas.
  2. Promote digital industry and businesses while building a stronger employment infrastructure for the industry.
  3. Increase the usability of government ministries and local governments, making them more accessible to citizens.

Because as it currently stands, if there’s one thing Israeli government bureaucracy is not, it’s user friendly. Although still early in the development phase, you can get a slightly more specific sense for what the initiative entails here. To me, this seems like a pretty smart investment. Increasingly, digital literacy is the key to economic mobility, so making education and government services a priority for the working class is a huge growth opportunity. Because this initiative spans everything from healthcare to user experience for government sites, it seems like they still need to take some time to define their own goals before they can start affecting change. That being said, this early stage investment is a great start.

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