For Science!

I’d like to think of myself as a somewhat intelligent person– bold assumption I know. Say the word quantum though, and you’ve officially lost me. I’ve tried, I really have, to wrap my head around these things. No joke I went through a phase in high school when I checked out every book on the Higgs Boson from the library and read obsessively about it online. Sure, that may have had more to do with the fact that I was in love with my physics teacher than any genuine scientific interest, but admittedly, I found this was pretty cool stuff. Now I actually have no idea if this is tied to quantum computing (as my foray into the physical sciences was clearly short-lived), but the recent good news from Hebrew U’s Quantum Information Science Center reminded me of it, so LET ME LIVE!

Yesterday, the QISC (if this acronym’s not a thing, now it is) secured 7.5 million NIS from the Ministry of Defense to develop a brand new quantum communications technology. According to Globes, “The goal of this project is to develop homegrown Israeli expertise and technology for a national quantum communications system that will prevent eavesdropping, protect data privacy and secure national infrastructure.” Basically, they’re gonna science the shit out of anyone who tries to spy on Israel. Rather than using today’s encryption methods for protecting communications data, quantum communications systems rely on quantum bits and the laws of physics, ensuring greater privacy and security for the data being transferred. What exactly is a quantum bit? No clue, but let me Google that for you.

Bottom line: money, for science, for cybersecurity, for Israel. For science.

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