Like Birthright for World Leaders


One trend I’ve been noticing lately in Israeli tech news is an influx of new partnerships/mentorships/wehavenothingtodotodayletsgotoisraelandmakeitaboutsomethingships from all around the world. Among others, there seems to be new potential in Israel’s relationships with China, India, Australia, and Houston, Texas—which, let’s be honest, is basically it’s own country. These partnerships are so important, not only to the countries that can learn from how Israel’s built its tech industry from the sand up, but also for Israel. The other day, ex-Intel head Mooly Eden warned us about the threat that success can pose to Israel’s competitive edge in the tech field. Though Israel might’ve been the first startup nation, the rest of the world seems to be catching up (and perhaps with some help from the Eretz). These emerging global partnerships will be essential to stop any Israeli self-congratulatory slide into complacency.


And in unrelated news…

Self-proclaimed cybersecurity powerhouse Team8 is teaming up with Intel to form several companies that will compete in cyber. According to Fortune, Israel’s 450 cyber startups receive 20% of the world’s investment in the field. In addition to Team8, Intel is also pairing up with Illusive, which uses deception technologies to fight advanced persistent threats to corporate networks. Sababa!

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