Best Places to Work and Play Ping Pong (according to Secret Tel Aviv)

Secret Tel Aviv – part event finder, people connector, olim helper, job finder, dating app and general sausage fest. Not to mention the most entertaining Facebook group you’ll ever join.

The results are in, Secret TLV just came out with the Best Companies to Work for in Israel – Summer 2017 Edition. I think they really mean tech companies (with H&M and Rapaport being the notable exceptions). I decided to take a look and find out: how does the size of the company affect how people feel about working there? Here you can see Secret TLV’s rankings and the size of the companies, estimated by the number of employees they have on LinkedIn. Of course, correlation doesn’t imply causation and there are plenty of confounding factors that might make a big company better to work for aside from the fact that you’re surrounded by lots of people (like, for instance, you’re also probably surrounded by a lot of money.) But for simplicity’s sake, let’s assume number of employees is a decent estimator. Oh and for the purposes of making this visualization a bit more relevant I got rid of #9 H&M because they have a whopping 50,000 employees on LinkedIn, relatively few of whom I can only assume are in Israel.

Secret TLV

So, what do you think? Does size matter?

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