Football Town With an Autonomous Cars Problem

What do Ann Arbor, Michigan and Hod HaSharon have in common? Karamba Security and a whole bunch of Jews.

Ann Arbor (be still my heart) is the second home to Karamba Security, an Israeli cybersecurity solutions company for self-driving cars. How come nobody told me about this? The company has signed on to the Automotive Grade Linux Project to develop an automotive industry standard for cybersecurity best practices. The project is being sponsored by The Linux Foundation, which is a non-profit aimed at advancing Linux and other open-source technology resources.

Karamba’s software works by hardening ECUs exactly as they’re designed in the factory, preventing hackers from modifying these settings. And for those of you who (like me) need me to Google that for you: “In automotive electronics, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is any embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical system or subsystems in a transport vehicle.”

Speaking of which, I should start making a bucket list of all the stuff I need to learn about autonomous vehicles before leaving the great state of Michigan this spring. Item one: take the driverless shuttle to Mcity. Because how could I go to this school and not see this?

TLDR; an Israeli-American company is developing best practices for cybersecurity in autonomous vehicles and of course, an obligatory GO BLUE because A-squared ‘til death.

And You Thought Americans Were Lazy


Okay, okay, okay, okay is this not the most Israeli thing you’ve ever heard? Mishlohof solves a very pressing problem in most of our lives. You’re on Gordon Beach, dodging matkot balls, aggressive gentleman callers and shisha fumes. Suddenly hunger hits and you’re only surrounded by 10-20 beachfront restaurants, pita pits, smoothie bars, pizza places, and ice cream sellers. It’s all so close yet so far. Lucky for you, there’s an app for that too.

Mishlohof will deliver beer, ice cream, fruit and more, all in a perfectly packaged cooler right to your beach chair using your geolocation. According to No Camels the plan for the winter is to deliver beer to parks. Somehow this part of the plan sounds way more sketchy to me, but hey, it’s Israel. Founder and CEO Bar Reuven has plans to expand to beach towns in Brazil, France and Cyprus (and changing the name  faster than Netalee Hershlag can say Natalie Portman.)

So next time you’re sunbathing and can’t be bothered to give one single fraction of a fuck, give it a try and let me know what you think. And while you’re at it please explain to me how Israelis can bring their whole refrigerator to the beach while simultaneously pounding fries at La La Land and still look uniformly like bronzed beautiful Olympic athletes? Because me and my countrymen want to know.