You’re probably wondering why on earth you should read about Israeli tech news from me: a 21 year old American college student whose career experience in high tech is limited to summer internships and scheming up ways to capitalize on one semi-successful Vine I made in eleventh grade. (That counts, right?) Sure, there are Israelis with years of experience in start-ups, venture capital, cybersecurity and big data who would happily talk to you about this stuff for hours and probably with a lot more know-how. But think of it this way: as of yet, I have little skin in the game. I’m 5,660 miles from Tel Aviv and have yet to fully start my career in tech. So bear (and hopefully bull) with me as I bring you what I can only describe as the 100% propaganda-free no-bullshit tech news from Israel. From America.

-Emma Burger, CEO & Founder, Random blog on the Internet