A nation by any other name would smell as lucrative

Startup Nation has grown into Tech Nation, Intel Israel R&D chief says

At Tel Aviv’s Technovation Conference Tuesday, Ran Senderovitz suggested a language tweak for reshaping how the world sees Israel’s role in tech. “We must define Israel not as Startup Nation but as Tech Nation. To define Israel as a Startup Nation is like saying we are Peter Pan — we are this kid that never grows up; we are eternally young. The fact that multinational companies invest in Israel is proof that we can not only create technologies but also grow them in the longer term.”

Not a bad idea– after all, what happens to someone who specializes in start-ups once the start-up is no longer a start-up? Welp, maybe a layoff. Or what about the start-up co-founder who sells their share 40 years too early and loses out on tens of billions of dollars? No one wants to be that guy.

Israel is undeniably young in every sense of the world, which we’ve seen has been a huge advantage in innovation, entrepreneurship and tech. Organizations are lean, people work hard, play hard, and bright new ideas flow like milk and honey. How then, will the tech workforce have to adapt and grow in the decades to come now that the first few rounds of Israeli startups clearly have global staying power? If there’s one thing Israelis generally have, it’s the clear conviction that their ideas are right. As a rule. Meaning tech entrepreneurs should hold on to their billion dollar ideas, not sell to soon, and work on developing a culture where start-ups want to stay in Israel as they grow into established tech companies. As Senderovitz suggests, maybe this starts with a language change.