Protocols of the Techies of Zion

The best class I took at Tel Aviv University was called Cybersecurity Law and Policy: Global and Israeli Perspectives. My professor was Deborah Housen-Couriel, who is a super smart lawyer, cybersecurity consultant, researcher, etc. and major contributor to NATO’s The Tallinn Manual 2.0 aka the working Bible on all things cyber. Deborah was responsible for (among other things) all of Israel’s part in Tallinn. Anyway, somewhere between doing all this and running her own cyber regulation consulting firm she manages to find the time to teach a class at Tel Aviv University that I was lucky enough to take. She, and apparently anyone else who’s anyone, from Bibi to well… a lot of other people, will be speaking at Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week later this month. If I were in the country June 25th-29th I would be there, so can someone go for me and take good notes? I promise I’ll let you copy my homework next time.

Seriously! Do you really want to miss out on this clearly evil scheme for complete global tech domination?!